Monday, October 12, 2009

Name Plaques & Covered Letters!

So I've had these letters hanging in my boys' rooms ever since they were born...problem is, they get knocked off of the wall all the time because they have been hanging individually. I've known for a long time that I wanted to mount them on something, just hadn't found that right something. Well, about 2 months ago I found some old drawers in the trash in front of someones house and figured I could use the front of them for something so I picked them!!! Yesterday morning I was laying in my bed, sick as a dog with the flu, and it hit me! I wonder if those letters will fit on those drawers? And as you can see below, they are a perfect fit. So I took the drawers and gave them a shabby chic makeover before mounting the letters on them and there you have it, I'm so excited I won't have letters falling off the walls any more! These can be ordered for your child, they just may not turn out exactly like these being that I don't have any more of those drawers.

As for the letters, I've been wanting the word Cake in my kitchen forever since I bake and decorate them all the time but I've just not had the time. Well, again, sitting here in bed so much just seemed to give me a little bit more time to do those kinds of things that you need to be sitting anyway! I love how these turned out...I made them to match my pink and green decor. These can also be custom ordered to match any decor. (I'm sorry about the direction of a couple of the pics. I didn't take them that way but for some reason the computer messed with them?)

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