Friday, October 9, 2009


Sooooo, I'm just now getting around to taking any pictures of my crosses and posting them. I kinda went through a spell where I forgot to take pics of my stuff. Oops. :-) Anyway, if there is one thing I love to decorate with it is crosses! The cross is such a real part of my life and I pray that I share that with others in my journey of life. I've got them everywhere in my house and am constantly trying to think up new and creative ways to give them a fresh look. The pics below are not the only styles I make but the only pics I have for now. They can also be ordered custom!
8" Cross Plaque $12
9" Wooden Cross w/ Iron Cross $12
7" Cross Plaque $11
Cross w/ Flower and Ribbon $15
Cross w/ Tassels $7
Stand-up Cross (7") $12
Vintage Button Cross (8") $7
Phil. 4:13 Camo Cross (8") $7
Romans 12:12 Cross (8") $7
Cross w/ Antique Copper Embelishment (8") $7

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