Monday, November 23, 2009

Hand Sewn Onesies

These little onesies can be ordered in just almost any fabric! I can also make the same designs on shirts for toddlers. More designs to come! $15 each.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glass Pendants

These glass pendants necklaces are about 1" in diameter and are $5 each.

Chic Organizing/Gift Tins

These chic little tin cans make the cutest little pencil holders. I also give them as hospital gifts full of candy, silk flowers, mini balloons and/or other fun gifts. They are $5 each and can be custom ordered.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Embellished Clip Boards

Tired of using a plane old clip board at school? Know any teachers that might love a fun one? These can be made in any colors and have scripture on them as well! They are $10 each.

Vintage Baby Block Decor

I started making these about 6 1/2 years ago now for my sweet son, Corbin. I've made them for all of my boys' rooms and still love them so I thought I would make some more. They can be custom ordered to say whatever you want, names and initials too! They are $8 each.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Name Plaques & Covered Letters!

So I've had these letters hanging in my boys' rooms ever since they were born...problem is, they get knocked off of the wall all the time because they have been hanging individually. I've known for a long time that I wanted to mount them on something, just hadn't found that right something. Well, about 2 months ago I found some old drawers in the trash in front of someones house and figured I could use the front of them for something so I picked them!!! Yesterday morning I was laying in my bed, sick as a dog with the flu, and it hit me! I wonder if those letters will fit on those drawers? And as you can see below, they are a perfect fit. So I took the drawers and gave them a shabby chic makeover before mounting the letters on them and there you have it, I'm so excited I won't have letters falling off the walls any more! These can be ordered for your child, they just may not turn out exactly like these being that I don't have any more of those drawers.

As for the letters, I've been wanting the word Cake in my kitchen forever since I bake and decorate them all the time but I've just not had the time. Well, again, sitting here in bed so much just seemed to give me a little bit more time to do those kinds of things that you need to be sitting anyway! I love how these turned out...I made them to match my pink and green decor. These can also be custom ordered to match any decor. (I'm sorry about the direction of a couple of the pics. I didn't take them that way but for some reason the computer messed with them?)

Friday, October 9, 2009


Sooooo, I'm just now getting around to taking any pictures of my crosses and posting them. I kinda went through a spell where I forgot to take pics of my stuff. Oops. :-) Anyway, if there is one thing I love to decorate with it is crosses! The cross is such a real part of my life and I pray that I share that with others in my journey of life. I've got them everywhere in my house and am constantly trying to think up new and creative ways to give them a fresh look. The pics below are not the only styles I make but the only pics I have for now. They can also be ordered custom!
8" Cross Plaque $12
9" Wooden Cross w/ Iron Cross $12
7" Cross Plaque $11
Cross w/ Flower and Ribbon $15
Cross w/ Tassels $7
Stand-up Cross (7") $12
Vintage Button Cross (8") $7
Phil. 4:13 Camo Cross (8") $7
Romans 12:12 Cross (8") $7
Cross w/ Antique Copper Embelishment (8") $7

Shabby Chic Wall Plaques

These plaques are something I started making after a trip to Canton about a year ago. I found some vintage wood that I instantly fell in love with and decided during my drive home with it that what I wanted to do was mount decorative iron on the pieces of wood. These plaques have become my most favorite item to make! I make them in all different sizes and styles, depends on the wood and iron pieces I find. They can be custom ordered and painted to match any decor!
John 14:6 Shabby Chic Wall Plaque
Shabby Chic Plaque w/ Hooks (15"x12")
Shabby Chic Wall Plaque (10"x10")
Shabby Chic Wall Plaque (13"x13")
Shabby Chic Fleur de lis Wall Plaque (18"x10")Shabby Chic Fleur de lis Wall Plaque (6"x6")

Friday, September 4, 2009


I've always loved fun rings but have never really had many...until now! :-) These are fun for any occasion, casual and dressy. I've got many, many more...small, medium and large designs, some with color, some double layer and some with a vintage look! I'll post more pics soon. Rings are $5 each or 5 for $20.

Custom Travel Baby Wipe Cases

Tired of carrying around one of those plain ol' white or yellow Huggies wipe cases all the time. These Custom Baby Wipe Cases can be ordered to match any nursery or diaper bag! Cases covered in fabric and trim alone are $10. Cases with custom names and/or embellishments on them are $15. They can also be ordered in the full size cases for $15 or $20.