Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wooden Magnets

If you are like me, you have photos and special pictures hanging on your refrigerator. One thing I've always loved is really pretty I started making them. The small ones are $1, medium ones $2.50, and the cross ones $4. As always, they can be custom ordered.

Custom Lamp Shades

I don't remember when it happened exactly, but somewhere along the way I quit liking all the plain jane lamp shades in our home. So instead of going out and just buying a bunch of fun, fancy ones, I just started redoing all of ours one by one and now love them all! I had so much fun doing those I decided to do sell some! Lamp shades can be custom ordered to match any style decor, I can even just take existing lamp shades of yours and redo them for you.
(Medium lamp shades - $20)
(Small lamp shades - $15)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chic Custom Decor

I did this plaque and name for my dear friend, Sarah, and her new baby girl, Kallie. Well, Kallie is now 6 months old but I'm just now getting a pick of it because I had forgotten to take pics when I actually made them. I have to say this is one of my most favorite combinations! This, of course, was made to match the style of decor in Kallie's room but you can order names and/or plaques to match yours as well! Letters are $6 each and plaques are $20-$35.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Button Rings

Here are some more of my button rings. My designs vary and change from time to time depending on what has sold and new buttons I have found. These are just fun costume rings for every occasion! They are $5 each.

Picture Frames

Picture frames can be ordered to match any style decor! They can be covered (like this one), hand painted, embellished, personalized w/ a name/s, have scripture on them, etc. The possibilities really are endless! They range in price from $12 - $25 depending on the size and design.
4x6 frame - $20 (sorry for the unfinished pic...somehow I forgot to take a pic of the finished product!)

Decorative Jars

These jars are great year round! You can put them anywhere in your home and change out what you put in them to match the different seasons and holidays! They are $20 each and can be custom ordered to match colors.

Wood Block Picture Frames!

So this is something new...I saw one of these and just had to try it and put my own twist to it. I just think it's such a fun, new way to display pictures, recipes, scripture, really whatever you want! They are 10" squares and are $20 each. They can be custom ordered to match any decor style!

Vintage Button Wipe Cases

As with all wipe cases, they can be custom ordered to match any style decor! Buttons will vary depending on the fabric choice. This style full size case is $20.

Tree Toppers

Well, I wasn't going to post this but figured there might be someone out there that felt like I did...I didn't like my tree topper! I had the star (same one that's in the middle of this topper) on top of the tree but the tree was just too big for it to be by itself. I really liked the star a lot so I didn't want to get rid of it. I'm kinda old fashioned in that I really want a star or angel on top of our tree so I decided to use this star and just add stuff to it (I saw a similar idea that gave me the incentive!). I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out a bunch of things I liked, brought them home and put them together and there you have it. I LOVE it!!! So if you have been wanting something new for your tree and like this idea but don't want to do it yourself, just send me pics of your tree and let me know what you want and we'll get you something you love too! Price will depend on supplies so custom quotes will be given.

Custom Names

This is a name I did for a friend to match her little boy's room that is blue and brown. The possibilities are endless! I can do something like this or hand paint them, mount them on plaques, frame them, hang them from ribbon, embellish them, etc. Most letters are $6 each but I will give you a custom quote at the time of your order.

New Crosses

Small crosses are $7 and large ones are $20.
Large Ivory w/ brown
Small Christmas
Small brown w/ turquoise flower
Small brown w/ floral embelishments

Cake Plates

Ever since I can remember I've had a love for unique cake plates. Then as I began baking more often and decorating cakes all the time I wanted ways to display them. So I started making cake/dessert plates. The small ones are $15 each and the large ones $20. If you are looking for a cake plate to match your kitchen or dining room just let me know the colors and I can do my best to match your style!
Small Green & White
Small Black & White
Small Clear Black
Small Vintage Rose
Large Bamboo
Large Clear Yellow

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hand Sewn Onesies

These little onesies can be ordered in just almost any fabric! I can also make the same designs on shirts for toddlers. More designs to come! $15 each.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glass Pendants

These glass pendants necklaces are about 1" in diameter and are $5 each.

Chic Organizing/Gift Tins

These chic little tin cans make the cutest little pencil holders. I also give them as hospital gifts full of candy, silk flowers, mini balloons and/or other fun gifts. They are $5 each and can be custom ordered.